Read Books, Drink Tea, Be Happy

Happy Tuesday!!! Hope you're all doing well!! It's been rainy and foggy here with chances of 5-6 inches of snow tonight! Yikes! I hope we don't get snowed in???  But I suppose, as long as I have a Good Book and Tea (and Electricity, to boil water for tea of course!) - I'll be okay! 


  1. Stay cozy and warm! Lovely photo of beautiful books!

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  3. Stay warm. We had such a bad snowstorm the other day - completely immersed our world in snow white - about 5 inches - and today it is all gone with weird high temps of 50 degrees - so warm I opened the windows for some fresh air and ran errands in flip flops.

    This too shall pass!

    (You have the right idea for sure!)

  4. STay cozy and dry...your plan sounds good to me! Books and tea! My husband got a Nook for me ---and though I was a HOLD out because I like the feel of real books---I find I am really loving it. ENjoy the end of January,

  5. A good book and tea with electricity, yes that is a very good thing.
    Hope if you got snowed in you are enjoying the beauty of it all.

  6. nothing like a good book and cuppa tea!
    i'm pinning too - JOIN ME? I think you'll like what you find =)) Welcome always...


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