Teacup Thursday Farewell

Farewell to Teacup Thursday 

Dear Tea Friends...we have so enjoyed hosting Teacup Thursdays for the past 3 years...however, with the many time constraints we have here raising boys and a hubby, farming activities, the tearoom and bed and breakfast, we have opted to relinquish this "sweet," weekly responsibility. 

 We will continue posting tea blogs about our life and happenings here at Miss Spenser's of Longview Farms and all things teas, so we do hope you will continue to stop by and see us when you can. We want to thank all of the participants that we have had over the past 3 years...it has been a joy getting to know each of you and it has been such fun seeing all of your wonderful posts and links to great teacups!! 

 As we march into this New Year - 2013, we wish much joy and happiness to each of you!!
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  1. We certainly all understand...your plate is VERY full! Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job over the years! Hope we keep in touch!

  2. You are fans of so many and we will all CONTINUE TO WATCH your every move - ha! We love your blog!

  3. Oh darn!

    WELL, all I can say is you have done a fabulous job and it has all been very much appreciated!

    I know we will keep in touch- I love visiting your blog!!!!

    It is best to give up some things when overloaded - and we know you will be joining us for tea on Tuesdays for sure - hopefully anyway!

    Big hugs, and my deepest respects to you - this couldn't have been an easy decision, and it will be missed.

    Thank you.

    Teafully yours,


  4. Ok, so I'm crying! I hate to see anybody go, even if I will see you around. Thank you so much for the past three years, I've been joining the great tea party for my two blogging years and boy, I have loved it and tried not to miss it, ever!! I'm sure you are overload with things to do, so it's better to give it up, than to do it half way and that is not your perfectionist way, my sweet and dear Miss Spencer! Good luck and many blessings. Thank you so very much, always!

  5. May your teacups always be full and overflowing!

  6. The background to my year this year is Simplify and so I totally support you on this. I look forward to visiting with you from time to time, but understand the need to simplify. Glad you are not completely going away.

  7. We will miss you! Certainly understand. You have so many responsibilities. Just remember you are loved and will be missed.

  8. Happy New Year ladies! I have been away visiting family over the holidays and missed this post. Thank you for hosting your lovely party the last three years. It's been lovely! All the best to you in the future and may your teacup be always full.


  9. Sad to see it go....I had so much fun and met so many people.

  10. Thank you for all the fun and readers you brought My way.I do hope you continue blogging though because I still love visiting you.Blessings to you and your family.Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

  11. every blessing as you move forward in this new year and all it offers..
    it's been a pleasure =))
    for Faith Hope & Cherrytea


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