Teacup Thursday: Pirate Tea Party

Hi Tea Friends... I can't believe it's already November!! And it's Friday! Thursday slipped right by me and I didn't get a post up! So without further delay... here are some pictures of our Pirate tea party that we had last Friday night! 


The Winner of our Costume Party! 

 We were delighted by so many of our guests dressing up 
for the part! 
Someone lost their Monkey!!! haha! 

As you can see, everyone had a really good time!!! 

Sorry, ladies... in all of our excitement, we forgot to take pictures of the food!! Maybe next time 'ye Mateys!! 

Bon Voyage from the Hardin Family! 


  1. Ahoy me mateys, looks like ye had yer ton o' fun! Aye! Looks like ye 'ad a frolicking good time, and no one 'ad to walk ye old plank?

  2. Now this sounds like and looks like a fun afternoon of tea. Love seeing the Hardin Family all dressed up too.

  3. How fun to see all of your family. It's funny how we often forget to take pix of the food when we're having so much fun. I did that a few weeks ago at dinner!

  4. What fun!I would have loved being there.Denise

  5. What a fun tea party! Looks like the whole Hardin family got involved, and all your guests are equally engaged. I love the pictures! ~ Phyllis


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