A Surprise Package

A Couple of weeks ago, mom signed up for a Give Away here at Relevant Tea Leaf. She just signed up for fun and didn't expect to win anything, because we usually don't win things! A week or so later, we received this large package in the mail... 
What could it be!!??? We had no idea!! 

Then Mom remembered the Give Away!!! 

Wow, we feel so lucky!!! What a fun surprise!!! 

The Art of Tea and Friendship Book, a Sweet little Teabag holder, China Teaspoons, & Tea Card!! 

Thank you, Phyllis at Relevant Tea Leaf!!! 


  1. WELL....so glad for you - you did good!

  2. How exciting to win something so special. Congratulations!

  3. So glad it arrived safely and nothing got broke.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Hugs, Phyllis

  4. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family today.Lovely post and such a beautiful gift.Gorgeous,I love it!


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