Teacup Thursday: Strawberry Kisses...

Look at these cute mugs that we just picked up!!  I love strawberries!! When I was a little girl my favorite dessert was Strawberry Shortcake! We lived in California at the time, so you could buy strawberries straight from the field! They are heavenly... there's nothing like California Strawberries!! MmmmMMmm!!

Perfect for a cup of Strawberry Tea don't you think!
What's your favorite way to eat Strawberries?


  1. Love strawberries from California, but Oregon strawberries are even better. Cute, cute cups. Right now my favorite was to eat strawberries is cut up over crepes with whip cream on the outside and ricotta cheese on the inside. That was my breakfast today. But my all time favorite is straight off the plant with the warm sunshine shining down and warming them.

  2. Oh my that brings back memories of the strawberry fields outside Chico, CA we would go to to pick every spring. They were heavenly! I love you strawberry mugs!


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