Teacup Thrusday: Friendly Village

The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose. ~George Gissing

I couldn’t agree more with this quote!! Have you ever heard the clink of teacups or watched the steam rise off a cup if tea in a movie and suddenly felt the need for a cup of tea!!

This is a popular teacup we see in some of our favorite British TV series… “Friendly Village” by Johnson Brothers

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  1. Happy Teacup Thursday! I do see this pattern in several series. I was rewatching some old Upstairs Downstairs and noticed some of this pattern and the large pitcher in my pattern...Olde English Countryside. I don't think they were correct in their time period.
    This is one JB pattern I haven't collected!
    Love, Lady Linda

  2. Friendly Village is so popular! I love all the nostalgic village scenes. So fun to look at them and picture yourself there! Thanks for hosting.

  3. What a charming pattern! Used at the McCharles House (see my post today).

  4. I can definitely picture this teacup and teapot in a British movie. I could picture myself in the scene too. Just lovely.

  5. This really is a lovely set. I recently came across a full complete set of this pattern, in a local antique shop. If it were not for the price tag .. I would have happily brough it home with me. Sometimes at this shop if things stay long - they go on sale or they will split sets into smaller sizes ...Happy Tea Thursday..
    xo HHL

    P.S. Thank you for hosting this wonderful gathering each week.


    Falling Off A High Heeled Life

  6. LOve this image...I have a dinner plate with this design (given to me) but not a teacup. Charming color & trees, and love the brown which is more rare on teacups.
    Happy Teatime!

  7. Congratulations Donna and Miss Spenser -- I just got my Tea Time Magazine and your spread in the latest issue is terrific!!!!!


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