Happily Ever After...

I'm the Lucky One!!

30 years ago today, I became the wife of Don Hardin…I recall waking that morning feeling so happy…so excited to embark on my new life/journey. Today…30 years later, I found myself waking with that same happy feeling, but perhaps with a deeper sense of happiness and love!

We already took our 7 day road trip in June, however, Don surprised me and took the day off so we could spend it together! We plan on visiting a few garden shops, lunching out, and maybe dinner…if I can stay away from the kiddos that long…(smiles)…I always enjoy sharing holidays and joyous occasions with them too!

Thank you for allowing me to share my anniversary with you…do you recognize this couple…here we are on our wedding day…

And…today, 30 years later…“Happily Ever After…”


  1. Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple!

  2. Boy...you were cute then and you're cute now!

  3. HAPPY Anniversary...how blessed you've been! ENjoy your special bond which is an example for others :)

  4. Happy 30th, how wonderful to be able to celebrate. You both are beautiful!

  5. I don't believe it could have been that long ago! Gorgeous! And congratulations...and another 30 happy years minimum!

  6. Such a darling couple then and now! Happy Happy!
    Love, Lady Linda (who is celebrating her 38th today!)


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