A Tasha Tudor Surprise in the Mail

Yesterday was Tasha Tudor's Birthday! In honor of her, a friend sent us this lovely spread of Tasha Trinkets ~ Tea, Cookie Cutters, Candies, Tasha Artwork all packaged in lovely Tasha Tudor Fabric!! What a pleasant surprise is was to get this in the mail! Thank you so much Linda, you are too kind!!

Who is Tasha Tudor?
Learn more about HERE


  1. How fun to receive this special gift! Friends are the best!

  2. SO glad you enjoyed it. I had fun making the little treats for my special Tasha friends. You are a blessing to me!
    Love, Linda

  3. What a thoughtful friend. I love Tasha Tudor too and have many of her books, some even signed by her. Did I tell you I got to meet her when she was 89 at her farm gate? I was with Nancy R. and a group to went for a visit. It was a thorough treat.


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