Teacup Thursday Rose Teacup and Kitty Teacozy

Today, I’m sharing with you a picture of a Royal Minster Teacup and a Kitty TeaCozy that I knitted. I’m a big fan of teacozies… and especially love knitting them! I’ve made several this year!

I bought this rose teacup for mom’s birthday this year. I don’t think you can ever have too many teacups, right!?

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  1. I really Love teacozies so much.I of course have tons of teapots and teacups.How strange that I don't have any cozies. Why? Maybe they're harder to find,more expensive,and I don't shop the internet.I tried to knit one,it came out funny looking.I will buy one some day,maybe my birthday:)

  2. Adore this precious cup...but that tea cozy...I LOVE IT SO MUCH! How talented you are to be able to make your own. Thanks for hosting tea today.

  3. What a cute tea cozy and I love the pretty tea cup! Thanks for sharing and enjoy this lovely Summer day.


  4. Not too many when they are as pretty as this teacup. Great job on the cozy and so very cute too.

  5. Pretty teacup and your teacozy is very cute and creative!


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