Teacup Thursday: Roses...

Busy Day today with two different seatings for Teatime Thursdays… so that’s why I’m late in posting today’s Teacup Thursday. Sorry Ladies…

Here’s pictures of a Rose Teacup that we have… I love this pattern! We drank strawberry tea and ate Rose Cake (made with real roses!)

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely month of roses. They are in full bloom here. Actually the other day, mom and I were walking on the gravel roads and the sweetest fragrance came through the air… Guess what it was?? White Wild Rose Bushes growing along side of the road! They smelt Heavenly!!

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  1. Rose cake sounds wonderful!!! I love the smell of wild roses! We used to have one that grew across our back fence with the neighbor and the sweet perfume would waft all the way up to the house. One day I came home and she had chopped the whole thing down with her clippers. I just stood there and cried. She said she didn't like the thorns. What?????? Seriously???

  2. I have this SAME teacup...how fun! I adore cooking with anything flavored w/ rose. Great post.

  3. I was just noticing our roses beginning to bloom. Aren't they just a treat. Your teacup and teapot are so pretty. I look for pretty pink teaware, but never find anything as pretty as what you show here.

  4. These are so lovely. I love the romantic pink rose patterns. And cake with actual roses sounds delightful. Do you have a recipe to share? :)

    Blessings from a fellow tea-lover,
    This Good Life

  5. Gorgeous photos. The rose petals really add to a beautiful vignette. I don't believe I've ever had rose cake ... is it a pound cake with rose flavoring? So glad I stopped in. Blessings, L

  6. Roses again on my post today too! LOVE roses. I have never had rose cake either. Would you share your recipe someday?

  7. Beautiful! I love the roses. I have never had a rose cake, but sounds quite romantic! Thanks for hosting Teacup Thursday!

  8. Very pretty teapot and teacup! They look so charming on your tablecloth! Rose cake sounds just wonderful. Thanks for sharing and hosting today.



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