A Rainy Day Tea

It was an early springtime affair.
Two old friends and the rain were there.

Flickering candles. A pot of hot tea.
Pear blossoms falling from high in the tree.

An impromptu event,
to which non could compare...

And only two friends
and rain were there.
 ~ Unknown


  1. ooh my...as the rain comes down on me here in gloomy Minnesota this post was all the sunshine I needed!!! Many thanks!

  2. How cozy...a cup of tea with friends on a damp day. I just LOVE the teacup, as well. We actually have sun on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington for a change today!

  3. We have only had 2 days of rain all spring - we need 5 more inches or all fireworks for the 4th are canceled - fire danger very high!

  4. Great quote! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. This reminds me of a day when I had tea in Victoria...rain, cozy and oh, the tea tasted so good! Lovely cup.

  6. Beautiful poem and photos,I loved it.

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