Teacup Thursday: Violet Teacup

With the awakening of Spring, one cannot help but feel refreshed and excited by new life! Violets are one of the first little flowers to peep out of their winter beds, and say "Hello, World!!" 

With that in mind I thought it would be nice to share with you this little Violet Teacup. 

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violets
shed on the heels that has crushed it"
~ Mark Twain 

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  1. How lovely! I thought of violets but ended up with iris'! Had never heard (or remembered reading) the quote from Mark Twain. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Good morning Donna and Spenser. I am coveting this teacup. Love violets. I'm on the hunt for one. Great quote too.

  3. A beautiful teacup! I have one just like it and treasure it because it is so fragile and delicate. And the shape, exquisite! I like how you put it together with the Mark Twain verse so well.

  4. I just love violets in spring time. Beautiful teacup. My violets are slow at peeping out this year, I think they are afraid of what they will see with all the rain and cold.

  5. Luving your violets and that gorGeous TeaPot nxt to it :) thx for sharing...
    i do want to be connected to today's TeaTime post it's too good to miss!
    MANY THX! to all who drop by for tea & chocolates!

  6. Violets are my very favorite flower, and this is a lovely teacup! I guess I will join the hunt for a similar one, too. :-)

  7. such pretty teacup! never have one in purple! love it!

  8. Love the violet teacup... and the beautiful pansy teapot! 'Tis spring indeed!


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