Prince William and Kate TeaMug

This teacup Thursday I'd like to share with you a teacup I do not actually have in my 'possession'... yet! A few weeks ago I got a call from a Tea Friend/Customer who was vacationing in Florida. She saw some Prince William and Kate TeaMugs and wanted to know if I'd like her to pick me up one... "Of COURSE!" You could say, I'm "Royally Obsessed" with this grand affair!

After hearing her describe to me what the mug looked like... I'm guessing this is what the TeaMug will look like.

Inscription reads: "To Celebrate the Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton 29th , April 2011"

Our friend is on her way back from Florida so hopefully I'll have this momentous teamug in my hands soon!! It will be fun to see if I guessed correctly!! 

Meet you all at the 'Telly" tomorrow early in the morning!!

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  1. Hi girls!! As an English 'teacupper' I've got to say anticipation is fairly high ahead of tomorrow, there are a few street parties planned and miles and miles of bunting strung up all around our little town, Union Jacks galore too. Will try to get round to snapping a couple of pics to email you :-)

    Hope you have a lovely time watching the Wedding! Will be popping my teacup Thursday up this afternoon :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. I still have a few available of that Will & Kate mug on my website with a 10% off coupon at I'll be doing my teacup post later...just got in from out of town.


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