Journey ~ Girl's Retreat 2010

We were graced with 23 lovely ladies and their two chaperones this past weekend. Journey-Iowa was a retreat for girls ages 14-19. Their goal was to inspire young women to desire and pursue feminine loveliness through Christ. In addition to this, they learned practical advice and ideas on how to apply Christ-like beauty to their daily lives, including the art of social graces, the art of communication and the art of personal presentation.
These lovely young ladies graced Miss Spenser and I with a dozen beautiful Pink Roses...we were so touched!!

They not only demonstrated the beauty of being a lady, they were equally delightful in their conversations with us. What a fun weekend...thank you Journey-Iowa for allowing us to be a part of your weekend!! If you didn't partake this sure to do so next year!


  1. Beautiful! How lovely for the girls to have this experience.

  2. I'm sure they will have a lasting impression of this event. Take care, Connie

  3. What a lovely tea party! Love the new fairy teacup you got for your birthday! It's very cute. I love fairies too. Have a lovely day.


  4. So nice to see all of the lovely young ladies enjoying taking tea!
    Happy Fall,

  5. What fun! Everyone looks so happy to be in your tearoom.


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