An Amazing Rescue!

This weekend, our family was in awe of the support system in place here in our country setting. We are so thankful that our neighbor/friend, Julian, Pinion, is doing okay...

What was to be a nice fall afternoon turned into sheer moments of fright when his tractor toppled over on top of him while baling hay. We received a call right away from his wife, Patrice. Our guys and a friend working here on our farm that day, ran over to provide help. At that time, we called 911 - It was incredible to see how quickly help came. First to arrive on the scene was a Sheriff, then a wonderful neighbor/paramedic, Jorie Hunnerdosse. We cannot tell you how relieved we were when we saw these two gentlemen arrive within 8-10 minutes of the call. Next, our wonderful neighbor, John Lawyer and his wife, Lori, arrived on the scene.

Two other sheriff cars came, the New Virginia Rescue Team, the Indianola Fire/Rescue Team and Life Flight. These men were so calm, extremely confident in what they were doing and all worked together to get the job done and were able to get Julian out safely. Flight Rescue Team airlifted Julian to Iowa Methodist, where once again, quick and competent help took over.

Julian escaped this horrific accident with bruised lungs, some fracture ribs and  a little fracture on his pelvic bone, and a few burns on his legs from the acid from the tractor motor. He will be in the hospital for a couple weeks. The doctors said that he was a very "lucky man", but we like to reference it as a "Blessed Man". Calls for prayer to local church prayer chains went out immediately. We are so thankful for God's ever watchful eye and hand of mercy during this time of need.

When we moved to the country 8 years ago, we always had a bit of uneasiness as to an emergency. Living rurally, one is quite vulnerable...but the quickness to respond to help when needed was impressive...and the band of neighbor support was moving to see.

So...thank you to each of you for what you do...for being there and supporting our community!! Your presence of mind in this time of stress was truly incredible. And Thank You to all of you who dedicate you lives to saving lives.

 ~The Hardin Family, Don, Donna, Spenser, Chase, Zach & Grayson


  1. Ahhh, Donna and the Hardin family, we, too, have had to experience this type thing in our own household...interestingly, Steve rolled his tractor 11 years ago today. Wow...chills here. Fortunately, his injuries were much less. However, we did recieve and feel very blessed with the "volunteer" help that we received, too. Jory seems to be at the right place at the right time more often than not.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Glad your neighbor and friend is going to be okay. Thankful for those who are willing to come at a moments notice.

    Prayers go out to each of you and Julian. God speed!


  2. Having lived in Iowa and getting married there 42 years ago, I know the great people Iowans are and thank God for their skills here!

  3. That is so scary. I have heard so many stories like this one. Glad it turned out OK.

  4. Awesome testimony for your neighbor!

    My husband's Uncle (whom he never met) was but 18 when he rolled his tractor on a soft Iowa country road and died underneath it.

    My Father In Law who was stationed at Biloxi Air Force Base in MS. and it was the end of WWII so he had to come home to bury his little brother. Very tragic for their family.

    SO happy your neighbor is recovering.
    Prayer DOES work!!!


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