The Wheels on Bus Go Round and Round...

As is usually the case here at Miss Spenser’s, we had a very full weekend…for those of you who have been reading blog entries, you will recall that we were hosting an informal tea party with a couple of friends. However, on top of this, prior to the tea party, we had the privilege of being a “Business Highlight” for the Warren County Leadership Committee.

At approximately 10:30 in the morning…a bright, yellow school bus made it’s way down our drive with about 30 leadership members on board! What fun it was to show them our newly expanded tearoom and to share with them the history of our little business endeavor! We also shared a sample of our Cottage Blend Tea and asked them to spread the word about our little tearoom in the Dale!
Here is a picture of some of the guests that visited.


  1. Networking is definitely important!

  2. What wonderful publicity! I hope it brings in a lot of business.


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