This past week, our Pastor spoke about "Anticipation" and how exciting it is to anticipate the return of Jesus, our Savior. Of course, we are very much filled with great anticipation of Christ's return, and with Easter just around the corner, find ourselves  reminded of it more each day.

This week, we decided to blog about another form of anticipation which we are experiencing here in our day-to-day life. The Hardin guys are going away for the weekend to attend a Hunting Miss Spenser and I decided to have a girl weekend and host a little tea party for a couple of friends. Needless to say, we are quite excited about having some girl time, tea time, and movie time, to be more specific ~ Jane Austen Movie Time! With that in mind we thought we would share with you our "anticipation" and "details"  for this upcoming, fun-filled event!

As one prepares for a tea party...there are so many little details that must be attended to...for us, the first thing on our list was to send out the invitations. We borrowed Miss Spenser's budding watercolor talent, wherein she personally crafted the invitations below....

The next step was to create a, out came the recipes, the magazines, the books, etc...

Mingling just the right tastes, textures, and color are all so important. At the moment... we are still pondering! BUT, stay tuned, we hope to share a completed menu with you on Thursday!!


  1. I'll be anxously awaiting the details! I know you girls will have fun!

  2. What a very fun girl thing to do. One of my most requested tea sandwiches is caramelized onions with roast beef. It looks like you have a wonderful menu.

  3. Everything looks and sounds amazing!!! First, Miss Spenser's invitations are beautiful, the flowers are gorgeous and the lettering is over the top magnificent! The mention of your menu triggers wonderful aromas in my mind I'm sure your guests will be spoiled. Your china is beautiful, the movie is perfect, what a wonderful way to spend the day with girl friends.


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