Aren't surprises the best??? At 40 -- I was gifted with a surprise!! Instead of traveling to England with my husband to celebrate my 40th birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary, I went to the hospital instead and gave birth to our fourth child - Grayson Robert. Here's a picture of my little sweetie...was definitely worth skipping England for!!

Last week, I had busy day of running errands...when I came home, I found that he had made me lunch! What a surprise!! Here's a photo of his delicious croissant turkey and cheese...they were very yummy!! I may have to hire him in the tea room!! What do you think?


  1. What a treat to receive a special on at 40 and for him to make a sandwich for you. Yes, hire him.

  2. A blessing for sure. Great looking sandwich. You're doing something 'right' Donna. You have a beautiful family~and, just look at you! A pretty lady in and out. Do you share a birthday?


  3. He is way cuter than England!!! Excellent choice!!! His sandwich is amazing, what a special treat! I think he has the makings of a great chef!!!

    Robert is my son's middle name, too (there's a long funny story behind it I'll save for another day). Was he born exactly on your birthday? My daughter was born on my birthday, it's been fun! Is it Happy Birthday time?


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