Daffodils ~ A Poor Man's Rose

Daffodils were brought to Virginia by the English settlers...they planted them by their dooryard gardens over 300 years ago to cheer their wintered and homesick spirits. These cheery blooms have been spilling spring gold in glade and meadows for centuries now...also known as 'daffy-down-dillies' or another cute name, 'poor man's rose.'


  1. http://www.co.gloucester.va.us/pr/Events/df/homepage.html
    This is the website for theGloucester Daffodil Festival Coming up soon! I wish I had waited to go see my parents as it was early when I was there 2 weeks ago!

  2. Hello Miss Spenser!
    Such delightful daffodils!
    May the Lord bless you abundantly as you diligently serve Him!


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