Treats from Kimberly Shaw!

This must be our lucky week! Today in the mail we received a package from Kimberly Shaw - one of our favorite "tea and treats" watercolor artists:

I, Donna, signed up for a giveaway late one evening...never expecting anything to come of it...was I surprised! See my wonderful gifts...

How fun... We're lucky girls! Thanks Kimberly!!!


  1. So glad they arived OK and you like them. I don't think it was by chance YOU won these. A friend at church alway reminds me, "You can't outgive God." So fun to have received a wonderful and awesome new pal from my Give Away. What a joy to know you! Hugs, Kim

  2. I love Kimberly Shaw stuff! I have lots of her teacup cards with Teabags that I use for my special friends. And a little notepad that says, "Things to do after I have tea" This Christmas I gave the tiny fridge magnets out at our Ladies Christmas Tea...Lucky you, yes!


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