New Spring Soaps have Arrived!

Here in Iowa, we are thawing out today! Thankfully, we did not lose electricity like we did a couple of years ago; however, we did manage to lose our internet services for a whole day and a half...for us "addicted" internet-dependent junkies, this was very traumatic!! The upside about the down time is that we did manage to get rid of a few dust bunnies around here!

Today we were quite thrilled when the UPS man delivered our soap we opened up the box, the sweet pleasant aroma seemed like a pleasant invitation to Spring!  Take a look at these wonderful, luxurious bars of home-made soaps...a long leisurely bath will sooth away any tension! For more information on our soaps, click here....

Don't lose heart...Only 57 more days until Spring!! We're counting down with you!

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