Humorous Facts ~ Potholes

~History of Potholes ~

Do you know where the term "pothole" comes from??

Apparently, in 17th Century England, the pottery district was known for its rich, clay soil. Potters, wanting this rich soil, but not wanting to work harder than they had to, would sneak out to the established roadways in the middle of the night and dig holes out of the roads...thus it's name, "pot hole" -- a hole in the road for the pot! Unfortunately, their "potholes" made the roads dangerous, and the practice was eventually forbidden.


  1. Fascinating story. I have a little brown teapot like your smallest one, it belonged to my mother-in-law.

  2. My husband left Des Moines Thursday and said on I believe I-35 he saw a sign "New Virginia 3 miles" - he is in Columbia, Missouri now with our son and family. He said it was snowing in Des Moines and it snowed here too!

  3. Wonderful trivia!!! From now on I shall call the dips in the road "teapot holes" and imagine a gentlemen making his wife tea in a pot he made from the hole I just bounced in and out of.


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