January is National Hot Tea Month!

January is National Hot Tea Month!

Don't you think January is the perfect month to be labeled..."National Hot Tea Month?!" Today, here in Iowa, with the temperature at -10 below and a wind chill of -26 below...we happen to think so!! Days like these we often ponder...."Why did are relatives settle in Iowa?!" We must confess, having lived in Sunny Southern California during the 1990's...we are totally ruined when it comes to Iowa winters. But on the upside we can snuggle up next to a warm fire with a good book and a cup of tea without breaking a sweat! (smile).

Here's some good health news relating to tea: According to study on tea from Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard they found that "theanine," a natural substance found in tea, actually supports the immune system; according to their human clinical trial, drinking 5 cups of black tea a day for two to four weeks actually boosted the body's immune defense system by four times. In addition to boosting your immune system, tea is actually a great relaxing warm beverage that soothes the throat and warms the body especially on these cold chilly days. Toast 2010 with a great cup of tea for health and happiness, there are so many delicious flavors available we are sure you will find one to please your palette!
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- Pumpkin Spice Chai - 
A very delicious choice, comforting spices of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. $7/2 oz.

- Candy Cane Chai -
A delicious tea all year round, but especially good during the cold months, chocolate, mint and spices; we couldn't keep this in stock over the holiday season...yumm! $7/2 oz.

- Hazelnut Supreme -
Bright black tea with the toasty, creamy sweetness of hazelnuts...this is great by itself, but also makes for a perfect complement to dessert.

- Gingerbread -
This delicious tea evokes childhood memories of warm gingerbread, right from the oven! $6/2 oz.

- Snickerdoodle -
 Enjoy a cup of this delicious almond and spice tea and enjoy the taste of a Snickerdoodle Cookie without the calories! $6/2 oz.

For a Caffeine Free Alternative:
- Honeybush Hazelnut - 
Delicious - with all the great health benefits of tea and a bit more substance than tisanes...Honeybush teas are a wonderful choice. This choice tastes much like the black flavored Hazelnut tea, but without the caffeine. $6/2 oz.

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  1. Candy Cane Chai is wonderful after Christmas as well as during the season. I'm sipping some right now as I'm watching even more snowflakes fall onto our already impassable driveway.


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