Teacup Thursday: Fascination with Black Teacups

Our fascination with Black Teacups happened out of pure accident...a stop at a garage sale along the country road. As we approached, this little pretty was sitting there all by itself...and, if "teacups could talk"  it was saying, "Take me home!!" Naturally we did...and oh so happy...it's such a beauty! This cup is a Royal Standard Fine Bone China - Made in England. This little road-side purchase has spurred us on to find other black teacups...in fact, my sister, Deana, in Tennessee just called a couple weeks ago at a tag sale..."Donna...there's a black teacup!" The rest is history...we haven't seen it in person yet as we are waiting to make the exchange, hopeful she'll come for a visit soon...until then, enjoy this pretty! ~Donna 
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  1. There is something that draws one to black teacups - this one is gorgeous! It is wonderful you have those out looking for you too! thank you for hosting - enchanted!

  2. I love black teacups and yours are gorgeous, so glad you took her home Donna! I love black in everything, I have a black, white and gold set of dishes. Thank you for hosting dear lady.

  3. Good morning ladies,
    How elegant is that black teacup! There is just something about black, isn't there? I have only one in my possession which my brother gifted me with when I was first married. It is gorgeous too! Thanks for sharing and hosting. Wishing you a lovely day.


  4. I have never owned a black teacup but once sipped from one in a teashop in Indianapolis, Indiana - and I just loved it.

    All my teacups are delicate light pink roses kinda of teacups.....and I tell you what, I just think that beauty of yours is amazing.

    I can't wait to see the one your sis found!

    I will ALWAYS think of you if I see a black teacup from now on - they are so rare. Just like you, Donna. You are a true gem of a lady.

    Happy Teacup Thursday!

  5. That is a drop dead gorgeous teacup. No wonder! From one of my favorite makers. Gorgeous!

  6. It's just a most beautiful teacup! I can see why you have become enchanted by them.
    Love, Linda


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