One Reason Why We Host Teaparties

"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things..." Chaim Potok

This past weekend we had the privilege of hosting a tea party for a mother and her two daughters. It was a congratulatory and Bon Voyage tea celebration as Melissa, on the left, will be heading off to London, England where she will be managing England's first Victoria Secret  Store. Both Colleen and I (Donna) could relate to the joys of  watching our children succeed...but on the other hand, our hearts are a little torn with letting go.

We put little British Flags in the Grilled Sandwiches in honor of  her Bon Voyage!
Melissa has promised to keep us posted on her year's stay in London...we can hardly wait to learn all about her exciting adventures Across the Pond!


  1. What a lovely Bon Voyage tea party, Donna! Untying those apron strings is a bittersweet experience, indeed!

  2. I hear daughter is in her Freshman yr at college, and LUCKY for me she still lives at home. It is only a matter of time before she "fledges". The food looks delicious :)

  3. What a lovely reason for a tea! You all must be so excited for her - what a great opportunity. Those daughters are just beautiful, too.

    Lovely post and a very happy reason to be posting.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. How special that they chose to have their special mother/daughter time together having tea in your tearoom. It looks like you put together a very special time for them, a time that they will cherish.


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