St. Patrick's Day Tea ~ Photo Highlights

What a fun tea we had last weekend! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we hosted our Irish Farmhouse Tea! The room was filled with a festive spirit!

We had a table of 8 ladies who all had birthdays in March! So they came to celebrate and their lively spirits brightened the room! 

Foods ranged from Patty's Ham & Cheese Quiche, to Luck of the Irish Cucumbers...

to Lucky Leprechaun Cakes... 

to Shamrock Shortbread Cookies!

May joy and peace surround you,
Contentment latch your door, 

And happiness be with you now, 
And bless you evermore.

  Our next Special Themed Tea is our Titanic Tea 
which is already sold out! Sorry! 
But be sure to join us for our Mother's Day Tea - May 5th! 
Call today to make your reservation! 


  1. I would love to visit someday.I would be so excited-Denise

  2. Truly special, Donna and Spenser! I wish I could have been there. Hope to make it again sometime soon. I've visited quite a few tearooms and still like yours best!!!

  3. Your St. Patrick's Tea looks fabulous! And how wonderful that your Titanic Tea is sold out! You're definitely doing everything right!
    Blessings, Phyllis

  4. What a wonderful tea! Just lovely! But then, yours always are!

  5. What a lovely tea and delightful reasons for getting together - 8 March birthdays, what are the odds?

    How delightful, lovely photos and everything looks so yummy.

    Glad you had such fun!

  6. Your Irish Farmhouse tea looks just perfect. I would have loved being there for this one.


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