Photo Highlights from our Free Tea Tasting Event!

This past weekend we had a Free Tea Tasting Event. We had a lot of fun sharing with our guests different varieties of teas
and educating them on how to brew tea properly! 
We even had a few 'tea converts'!!
Here are some picture highlights...

The Tables are ready...

Little Snacks

One of the teas sampled was our White Raspberry Champagne.  This tea is a delicious, refreshing tea with a touch of sweetness from the raspberry flavoring.  We served this tea iced and we placed fresh raspberries in it for a pretty presentation.

Guests Having Fun!

This was little Emma's first teatime experience. We were so impressed with her manners!! She is such a lady!!

Do these two look like 'mother-daughter' or what!! We think they should enter the mother/daughter contest at the State Fair!!

We hope to be hosting more Tea Tasting Events in the future! So be watching!!!


  1. This looks so delightful. Very nice, Donna and Spenser.

  2. Beautiful Donna! Love the pretzels in the tea cup. What lucky guests... great tea, fun treats, and a learning opportunity... and free! Your joy is evident in each photograph!

  3. just delightful!
    thank you for allowing us to 'participate'!


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