Teacup Thursday: Royal Patrician

For those of you who don't know already, Autumn is my favorite time of year! I've often said that I think it would be wonderful if we could just have two season of Autumn and skip Winter all together!
I love everything about fall, the crispness of the weather, the beautiful sunsets, wearing jackets and scarves, harvest moons, bonfires, and of course the colors of fall, as brown is my favorite color!  

This teacup today has beautiful golden roses with dark purple violets. It's made by Royal Patrician. Once again this is a teacup and teapot that I received for one of my many birthdays. (smile) I think the teapot has such a cute shape! 

Speaking of Autumn and Harvest time... I'm off to brew myself a pot of "Frost on the Pumpkin" tea. This is one of our new seasonal teas and has fast become my new favorite!  If you'd like to order some of this fantastic tea yourself, give us a call: 641-342-1547.

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  1. Good morning ladies,
    Your tea pot and teacup are just lovely! What a beautiful combination; yellow roses and purple violets! I love the shape of them too. Thank you sharing them with us and for hosting.


  2. I finally have my post ready! Yours is lovely Spenser!

  3. Yellow roses are one of my favorites. I had yellow roses for my wedding bouquet many years ago. This is a beautiful cup, saucer, and teapot. I am learning to like Fall, but really spring is my favorite season as long as the sun comes out I am happy.


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