Baker In Training!!

One of the things that has happened since the tea room started is the fact that we don't have much time to bake for the family, in fact, the big joke is, all the guys get to eat are the corners  and over baked goodies!! So, we've beening doing some thinking... since Grayson is the one with the most 'free' time around here, we decided to get him involved in goodie baking for the family. We have found in the past what works really well with beginning bakers is to start them out with a good cookie mix. This allows the trainee a chance to get used to practice baking without worrying so much about all the measuring.
Naturally, when we were selecting a cookie mix, we thought of Miss Spenser's Crunchy Munchy Mix. This is a delicious oatmeal based cookie mix that takes butter, an egg and vanilla...mix together and bake for 8-10 minutes.
Grayson did a fantastic job, see for yourself! Now, the boys should be happy around here...well, for at least a day as cookies around here don't last that long!!

These yummy Crunchy Munchy Mix are quick and easy and are only $7.00! Perfect for the Holidays. If you'd like to order some call: 641-342-1547


  1. He is definitely on his way to PASTRY CHEF level!

  2. Those look simply delicious and such a special treat for the winter!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  3. How nice to have a baker in training living in your house. The cookies look yummy! Good job!


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