Teacup Thursday: "Heirloom ~ Royal Albert"

Today's special tea cup - is actually a beautiful "Tea Set" we acquired about 3 years ago from a woman named, Zella. Her name is easy to remember because she actually has the same name as my (Donna's) Grandmother. When we saw the ad in the paper, we couldn't resist a peek as we are ones who naturally love almost anything made by Royal Albert... in our opinion, this is one of their most "exquisite" patterns...it sums up the word, "elegance."
The pattern is Heirloom - and we hope that this will ring true over the years, that this lovely tea set will be handed down for generations to come. Zella told us her husband purchased this wonderful tea set for her back in the 1970's in Victoria Canada. This set contains 8 dessert plates, 8 teacup/saucers, a cake plate, candy dish, teapot with creamer and sugar. We do use it on special occasions, and little Grayson, (9), believes with all his heart, that tea does taste better in this fine cup!! (SMILES)

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  1. Good morning ladies,
    Your Royal Albert teacups and tea pot are lovely; such rich colours and perfect for Autumn. I have also shared a Royal Albert teacup in my post. I have you linked up in my tea party post. Wishing you a beautiful day.


  2. Just beautiful! I agree with Grayson! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow1 This is wonderful! They look delicate and very old! I am so sorry but I have ran out of teacups and saucers to show after 2 years of blogging!

  4. Oh it is beautiful! Yes, elegant! What a treasure.

  5. Your Royal Albert is beautiful.

  6. I saw lots of these for sale at http://www.caketandland.co.uk

  7. My grandmother used this tea set and memories of it are central to my childhood and how I remember her - elegance. My mother has it now, but UI managed to buy a set in a new to me shop for a few tens of pounds. I feel complete!


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