Tea Friends go to Downton, Highclere Castle

In May, a couple of our regular tea friends traveled with Iowa Public Television to England…one of their stops was Highclere Castle, the home of Downton Abbey. 

Here is Shirley, on the left, and Judy on the right. 

Can you find them in this picture? 

At last month’s tea event, you can imagine our excitement and JOY when the two of them told us that our teas are better than “Downton” teas!! They told us they love our variety and offerings…naturally, we were very happy and asked if we could broadcast this great news…and they graciously agreed!! 

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  1. Oh how marvelous!

    I hope to one day tour HC - what a beautiful amazing home.

    Congrats on that compliment, I/we are so very proud of you and your tealightful awesomeness!!

  2. What a nice compliment about your tea! But of course I would never think otherwise even though I've never had the opportunity to taste your tea. How wonderful to go to Highclere!

  3. What a lovely review and so special.
    I can imagine your tea time is just wonderful.

  4. Oh my, wish I had a time like this where you were. Yes, like Marylin says, it's a great review and thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you for your sweet comment on my French table.
    I have a tea tablescape too. I'm gonna follow you now. Hope you want to follow back.


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