First Day in Paris

Bonjour Tea Friends! I arrived in Paris yesterday and wanted to share some photos with you of my first day! 

On our way! Left Dortmund around 6 am in the morning. Going to travel by bus! The ride was comfy and I slept almost the whole way! *smiles*

First sign for Paris! Oh La La! 

Paris welcomes you! 

Paris! The Seine! 

Streets of Paris! I love the trees that are planted along the road! 

Galeries Lafayette ~ Famous shopping mall! Very expensive but fun to look inside. 

Lines and lines of people waiting to be let inside expensive stores like Prada. If you don't look wealthy, they won't let you in!

The center of Galeries Layette! 

Isn't that gorgeous! 

Real French Macaroons! So yummy!! I've had them before in the states, but these were unbelievable! 

La Louvre! 

Crossing the Seine... to you see something tall on the skyline? Hint it starts with an "E"... we shall see that on our second day!! 

Notre Dame! 

My friend, Kaya and I outside Notre Dame! 

Au Revoir for now! 

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