Valentine Guests: Father and Daughter Tea

Doesn't  this Father and Daughter warm your heart! 

For Valentine's Day, this sweet father brought his little princess to tea! They were the most charming pair! Here are some pictures this father granted us permission share with all of you! 

Mom and I thought this little girl would have been a perfect fit in our family ~ her freckles and all! But unfortunately, her daddy did want to give her up! haha! 


  1. Love seeing this special father taking his girl to tea.
    The food looks quite lovely and how I wish I could sit
    there and enjoy one of your tea times.

  2. How darling and you know she made a lifelong special memory which you were a part of!

  3. How absolutely wonderful of this daddy to spend a special time with his girl. She won't forget it, I am sure. Brings a tear to my eyes, really.

  4. How charming! She is just adorable, and you look so pretty in your Valentine's red as well!


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