A Wintery Scene

I'm sure I've told you all before, but I adore Autumn! It is simply my favorite time of year!! Yet sadly, it is over too soon and in comes all too eager Old-Man Winter! In efforts to try and see the bright side to things... I thought I'd share with you my favorite way to enjoy Winter - through pictures! haha! I usually joke that I only like snow on Christmas Day and then I'm ready for some warmth! 

Isn't this horse a beauty? 

I'd take London any day - Summer or Winter! 

This little Village looks inviting! 

Being a Kitty-Lover - I couldn't resist not sharing this picture my darling kitty, Gilbert!!! 

Ahhh!!! The warmth of a fireside!! 

What is your favorite season? 
Are you a winter lover or a tolerator like I am? 

Stay Warm! Till Next time! 


  1. Your photos make the winter feel warm and inviting! The horsey picture is adorable... and I love the toasty feet by the fireside!

  2. Oh I adore winter, as long as it is sunny more than grey and lots of snow more than slushy grey wet. We have had one of the most beautiful winters of my lifetime. I am loving it. Most tea drinkers like it because it is so perfect for sippin! : - )

    Gorgeous pictures - I especially love Gilbert. He is a handsome fine furry feline friend!

    I have good news I just posted. : - )

  3. I tolerate Winter that is for sure. Then soon seek out signs of Spring, as they make me shout.
    Loved your pictures of Winter and especially of Gilbert sitting so cutely there.


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