Downton Abbey: Guess Who?

Here's a fun post on the actors of Downton Abbey! Some actors I hardly recognize in real life and others I'd recognize anywhere! Have fun seeing how many you can name! 

Recognize her? (Hope so!) 

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary!

How about her? 

Phyllis Logan as Mrs. Hughes! (I thought she was tricky!) 

How about this Beauty?

Laura Carmichael as Edith Crawley 
(They've had her beauty hidden for many of the seasons, but I felt she got to shine more in Season 4!) 

Recognize this beloved character? 

Joanne Froggatt as the darling Anna Bates! 

Can you guess who this is?? 

Cara Theobald as Ivy, the kitchen maid! 
(This one took me a while!) 

Who's this Fellow?

You Guessed it! Mr. Molesley! (Kevin Doyle)

Recognize this Little Lady??? 

Fun Loving (and a little mischievous) cousin Rose! (Lily James)

Recognize this smiling face? 

Who could forget darling Daisy!  (Sophie McShera)

Hope you had fun with these photos! We are looking forward to our Downton Weekend! If you attended one of our Sold Out Downton Teas, be sure to leave us a review! 

Til Next time! 


  1. I had seen the actress who plays Edith in another photo yesterday & was amazed at how much they down play her beauty. I think she is just stunningly gorgeous!

  2. How fun! I missed the show last night, but hope to see a re-run soon.


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