Tearoom Friends: A Great Mother's Day gift to Grandma Cline

Cline Girls and their Grandma
At our Edwardian Fashion Show we were graced upon by the lovely Cline Family! This family is truly delightful (not to mention very pretty too!) The Cline Family has been to our tearoom many times. For this Mother's Day, the girls made a special effort to honor their grandmother. They wrote a sweet poem for their grandmother inviting her to tea. We asked them if they'd be so gracious to let us share it with all of you, as it was just too endearing not too!! What a great Mother's Day Gift! Hope you enjoy! 

Tea Time with Grandma Cline 

Grandma, we were wondering if you would please, 
Join us at Miss Spenser’s Special-Teas. 
Even though we are all grown up, 
We would still love to reminisce over a cup. 

It’ll be just like the good old days, 
When we were little and Grandma would bring out the trays. 
There would be pretty tea cups, sugar cubes and lots of honey, 
Along with smiles, giggles and all that’s funny! 

It was our special ‘girl-time’ that only a few will understand, 
An unspoken bond that grew to be grand! 
So let’s dress up in our pearls, 
To go have tea with just us Cline girls! 

Your Cline Girls 
Meredith, Megan, & Macie 


  1. Very sweet is true! How special for the Cline girls to have a grandmother so dear.

  2. Now that is just charming! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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