Highlights from our Fashion Show Tea!

We had a busy weekend here at Miss Spenser's...we were finally able to share our House of Elliott Fashion Show Tea Party. We showcased clothing worn from 1900-1920. As some of you will recall, our previously scheduled event was May 4, unfortunately a surprise snow storm made it's way to Iowa causing wires to come down and our home to be without power...with GEO thermal and an all electric house, makes it a bit difficult to brew a pot of tea!! Thankfully, most guests were able to reschedule...and for those who couldn't make it...we are still, so very sorry! We hope we can make it up to you in future tea events!! 

 Here are some highlights from this weekend ~ Enjoy! 
Just some of the Savories and Sandwiches that we served. 

Our Fancy Orange Cake in Chocolate Cups! 

Miss Spenser & her good friend, Mary, who was the perfect Flapper Girl! Thank you Mary for being such a great model for us! 
Be watching for a Special Post on the recreation of this Orange Flapper Dress! :) 

It was a lot of fun this weekend! Thank you to everyone who came!! 


  1. Wonderful! I have hoped we would have The House Of Elliott on our PBS, but we never had. I saw an episode in England a few years ago and it was such fun. I certainly wish I were closer. Looks like a marvelous occasion and the girls are lovely!

  2. Looks like fun! Lovely variety of sandwiches.

  3. Loved seeing both dresses. I would have thoroughly enjoyed this tea, as that is my favorite era for costume. The food looked delicious too.

  4. Your orange flapper dress turned out beautifully. Can't wait for the rest of the story!
    Sips and Smiles,

  5. What a wonderful event! Your food looks delish!

    Wow, it's been in the 90s here, can't imagine last week you had a freak snow storm. This weather is rather Biblical, wouldn't you say?

    You are so beautiful, and yes, indeed, your friend Mary makes the perfect Flapper Girl!

  6. What a fabulous theme tea! Delicious foods! Beautiful models! And what great vintage clothing! Wish I lived closer!

  7. Oh, that rose print gown is gorgeous as well!


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