Sound of Music

“There was only the enormous, empty prairie, with grasses blowing in waves of light and shadow across it, and the great blue sky above, and the birds flying up from it and singing with joy because the sun was rising. And on the whole enormous prairie there was no sign that any other human being had ever been there…” ~ Laura Ingles Wilder

The "Prairies" are alive with the Sound of Music with a song they have sung for a thousand years... 

Mr. Meadowlark has officially returned to Longview Farms, along with many of his other feathery-friends. We are blessed each morning to wake to their cheerful song! 

Why not rent a room at Longview Farms Bed and Breakfast and wake up to the song of the Meadowlark. Their song will fill your heart with gladness! 


  1. OH, wow!!! Gorgeous bird!What striking plumage- love it. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. That would be grand...I would love to wake up to birds singing. Have a great day ..with love Janice

  3. The meadowlark is beautiful. I would come if I could. Love visiting you all there.


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