Miss Spenser's Special-Teas is in Tea Time Magazine

Tea Time Magazine May/June 2013 issue highlighted our Upcoming Candlelight Queen's Tea on Friday night June, 7th at 6:30. This is will be a fun time to celebrate the Queen's birthday and in an unique candlelight atmosphere! We're offering a Special Price of $24! Be sure to bring your cameras so that you can get your picture with the Queen!   
Call today to reserve your seats! 641-342-1547. 
Click here for more information about our Upcoming Events

Be sure to tell your friends about us! Word of Mouth is one of our best forms of advertising!  If you haven't left a review for a while, here's the link: TeaMap.com! Your reviews really do help our business and endeavors! 

Thank you for all your support! 


  1. Hope it is a great success Spenser! I am sure I would love to be there!

  2. Congrats sweet lady..you sure deserve it, you are the a LADY of TEAS!!

  3. Congratulations on being featured in the May/June issue of Tea Time Magazine!
    Coming to your tea room is on my bucket list! ;-) ~ Phyllis

  4. Wish I were closer! Will look forward to reading the article.

  5. Congratulations on getting in Tea Time. Yes, word of mouth is the very best advertising, but this doesn't hurt either.

  6. How exciting. Wish I could be there. Look forward to pictures on your blog.


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