Birthday Central Station

It has been Birthday Central Station here this past week!! Last Tuesday we celebrated my Grandma's Birthday; Friday, Zachary turned 18!! And then today Chase turns 20!!!  

Today we wanted to share with you a picture of my grandmother Maxine's cake stand! It was given to her as a wedding present. It is over 50 years old and has held a lot of cakes on it over the years! 

Including this weeks cakes...  
 Grandma Pauline's Lemon Cake: 

Zachary's Dark Chocolate cake: 

And Chase's BrownSugar Cake! Chase had a special visitor on his cake - Barney!! When Chase was 2 years old, he loved Barney! He also had a fondness for wedding cakes. Not sure if he liked the tiered cake or the people on top! So we just had to tease him! heehee

As you can see... we have a lot of cake over here! 
Would anyone like a piece! ;) 


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL cake stand! I love the history behind it.

  2. Happy birthday to all! Such yummy looking cakes! And a beautiful cake stand!

  3. Happy Birthday Grandma Pauline! Happy Birthday Zachary! Happy Birthday Chase! Such celebrations...such a wide variety of cakes... and such a grand cake stand! Elegant! (P.S. I want a piece of each one!)

  4. What a great cake platter and cakes!!! These look fabulous and Happy Birthday to all these people!

  5. What a fun time of celebrating everyone's birthday! Each cake looks fabulous, and I'm sure it tastes fabulous too! Beautiful pedestal cake plate and even more special because it's a family piece!
    Happy Easter!

  6. I love that you included Barney in the festivities.
    The cake plate is beautiful and what a treasure to serve for your special birthdays! Happy Birthday to all!


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