Rainy Day Weekend

It has been a Rainy-Day weekend; however with it being so dry this past summer, we are all thankful for the rain. 

Rain. I love rainy days were I have no where I have to be and nothing to do! Today, I think I shall make a pot of tea, pull out those books I've been meaning to read… Maybe do some knitting… watch a girlie movie! 

 What are you going to be doing on this rainy day Sunday!? Maybe bake some cookies? Call that friend you haven't talked to in a while? Pull out a Crossword or Sudoku Puzzle? Take a nap? Whatever you decide to do, I hope you relax and enjoy yourself! 


  1. Rain is wonderful! And your description of plans for your rainy day sound very nice! Enjoy!

  2. I will just sit here and be extremely jealous because we went from very hot weather to 55 and cloudy, and now are going back to the 90s again.
    I want to sit inside on a rainy day with a pot of tea & a book too.

  3. The picture of that kitty is extraordinary. Love it and your brilliant rain picture. Sometimes rain gives you the excuse to enjoy other things. Sounds like you will!
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  4. What a sweet little kitty! Its raining here too, and I took a nap after the grandkids left for home. Now a cup of tea and a couple of snickerdoodles I made with them would make a perfect end to the afternoon!

  5. Nice photos! Love the kittie and another pretty teacup.

  6. All of those activities sound so fabulous!
    The kitten by the window is so cute!


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