Our Guitar Man...

Today we sent Chase off for his Holiday Tour with Lorie Line. There's a strange quietness in our house... We're happy for him as he pursues his music dreams, but sad for ourselves because we always miss our "Guitar Man" when he's not around!

He can make you love, he can make you cry 
He will bring you down, then he'll get you high 
Somethin' keeps him goin', miles and miles a day 
To find another place to play.

He'll be in a few different towns in Iowa! Here's a list of his tour dates: LorieLine.com

If you're able to make it to one of the concerts, be sure to cheer really loud! ha!


  1. I'm cheering!
    Hope it is a good tour.

  2. Congratulations to Chase! I just baked one of your recipes tonight: pumpkin pie cake. It's delicious! I'm so glad I purchased your cookbooks!

  3. Have fun, Chase! That's some schedule!

  4. I just found your blog and scrolled through a few posts and lo and behold I find that your son ( I'm presuming ), Chase, plays with Lori Line! How cool is THAT? The women in our family have been going to her concerts forever! It has become a favorite Christmas tradition! So I'll be looking for Chase for sure this December in Rochester MN!

    Sandy :)


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