Wedding Cake Cookies by Jenny's Cake & Cookies

One of the Special Treats we served this weekend were Wedding Cake Cookies... made by the lovely Jenny Bessler. Jenny is one of our Tea Friends who has a Cake/Cookie Baking Business. We thought it would be so cute to serve decorated wedding cake cookie, but the thought of frosting and decorating so many little cookies sounded a bit daunting... so we called on Jenny. Didn't she do a good job?!! We think the cookies added such a nice touch to the Royal Wedding Afterglow Teaparty!

Thanks Jenny!! If any of you would like to contact Jenny you can contact her at:
Jenny's Cakes & Cookies
Find her on Facebook - "Jenny Cakes"


  1. Those are beautiful cake-cookies!

  2. Darling cookies.Perfect for bridel showers or teas.I'm back with a tea blog.Appreciate how you've kept me signed in.Your last thurs. blog I'm sure got hundreds of hits. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Those are the cutest cookies! So perfect for the wedding tea. Super!

  4. Nice, Your cakes and cookies are looking so delicious and tasty.

    Dutch Cookies


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