Gone with the Wind Tea

Great Balls of Fire! What fun we had this past weekend with our Gone with the Wind Teas! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

"Tara's Fields of Green"

The Savories...

"Big Sam's Sweet Potatoe Biscuit & Country Ham"


"Twelve Oaks BBQ and Coleslaw"


"Southern Artichoke Toast Points"


"Ellen's Cucumber Tea Sandwich"
(Some of our customers even dream of these cucumber sandwiches!)

We served Drop Scones along with
Homemade Peach Jam and Cream

Scarlette's Cherry-Shortcake Cookies
Aunty Pitty Pat's Tea Cakes
Rhett's Pecan Bars

There was a lot of smiles and laughter... Everyone had a "Fiddle-dee" time!

Call today to book your ticket at our next event!

A Wedding Tea
~ Little Women Style ~
Sat. June 11th ~ 11a.m. *SOLD OUT*
Sunday, June 12th ~ 1 p.m.


  1. Waaa! (yes, that is me crying.) I wish your tea shop was here! I want to come! You have the best tea parties!!

  2. This sounds like it would have been "my cup of tea" and would loved to have dressed in costume for it.

  3. Very well done - lovely food!

  4. Oh what fun! Great photos... and your food looks and sounds fabulous. Great job!


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