Teacup Thursday: "Yorkshire" made by Staffordshire

Today we are sharing a cute Staffordshire tea cup called "Yorkshire." I like this cup for many reasons...one being, my ancestors came from the Yorkshire area. My maiden name was Cherryholmes and they were well known in the Yorkshire area for growing fine cherries...of course!

The other reason I love these tea cups is, somehow, Grayson, our youngest, got the nickname, 'Haybale.' When he was younger, like all boys, was fascinated with tractors, especially during hay baling season on our farm. Of course, our modern world bales hay much differently than the picture depicted on the tea cup. It's actually one season I particularly enjoy myself...it's fascinating how the whole operation works, and afterwards, seeing the bales of hay out on the fields is quite beautiful!

When I found these lovely dishes for sale, with the little guy asleep in the middle of the hay mound, I couldn't resist purchasing them for my "Haybale." I plan on giving this beautiful set to him and his bride on his wedding day.

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  1. This is such a sweet story, and the tea set is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen this pattern before. What a set to cherish, and it will make a perfect wedding gift, too. But, we are not rushing Grayson towards a bride just yet, right?

  2. This set draws me to fall - autumn colors. I think Hot Cinnamon Spice in the teacup would be nice! BUT WE AREN'T ANXIOUS FOR FALL JUST YET!

  3. What a lovely set. Your "Haybale" will love that you gave the set to him someday. Love knowing the story too.


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