Long Winter

Although we do not live in the pioneer times or in the Dakota territories…and although we are not suffering anything like Laura Ingalls and her family did in the LONG Winter, we do know what she meant when she used terms like “never-ending winter.”

After watching the news this evening and learning about another winter snow storm coming through…I had irrational thoughts about driving to the local airport, using my husband’s frequent flyer miles and flying somewhere warm!!

 I was brought back to reality when Spenser calmed me with a warm pot of Harmutty tea and some freshly baked Swedish cookies…did I mention those are my favorite?! I guess I will stay until the next storm comes!


  1. Spenser has a calming knowledge beyond her years and how fortunate you are that she shares that with you ... mmmm, a pot of tea and freshly baked cookies.
    Can't wait to see you Saturday ... (Thinking positively of course!)

  2. Our minds are running in the same direction, just the other day I was thinking of the Laura Ingalls book of The Long Winter and comparing it to our present winter. I too have had thoughts of going somewhere warm, but then I brew a nice cup of hot tea and all seems alright.
    I really enjoy your blog, really love all of the beautiful pictures.
    Jan from Take Peace Group

  3. We can't even imagine being in a "cabin" called a house all winter - I guess even I would have learned to knit!

  4. Has my friend Debi Lydic been in lately?


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