Hightlights from our Black Beauty Tea

“No hour is lost that is spent in the saddle.” 
– Winston Churchill

This past weekend we hosted our Literary Tea Party – Black Beauty. What a wonderful turn out we had on both days, thank you to all for coming out! We were grateful that the weather cooperated so all of our guests were able to meet, greet and get their picture taken with our “Beauty,” a/k/a Mr. Darcy. (smiles)
Our Black Beauty and Joe
(Photo Credit: Wendi Taylor) 
Black Beauty is a timeless classic, that has nuzzled its way into the hearts of our childhood memories and its lessons of compassion and kindness are something we carry with us like sugar cubes in our pockets throughout our adult years.

Just like people, horses respond best to kindness. Horses, even though they are such big animals, are quite sensitive. They usually respond well to whispers and gentle touches. When properly trained, horses will do many different tasks at the slightest touch. 

"The horse has so docile a nature, 
that he would always rather do right than wrong, 
if he can only be taught to distinguish one from another."
~ George Melville

Black Beauty Tea Foods: 

Arabian Night Tea ~ in honor of Black Beauty's Arabian Ancestry! 

Tea treats with a Horse-licious twist: 
 Yummy Oat Bars 
Carrot Cupcakes 
 Lemon Blossom Cookies 

Your horse loves you; 
Not for your looks, but for your love! 
He knows when you’re happy, 
He knows when you’re comfortable, 
He knows when you’re confident, 
And he ALWAYS knows when you have carrots! 
~Author Unknown


  1. I would have loved being there for this Black Beauty tea time.
    What a creative, special afternoon tea. Could I hug a cow too
    if I came? You know I love your cows noses.

  2. Oh my, that looks delicious! Too bad it can't be shipped to CA. ;)


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