Excuse our silence, but we've been busy!

Excuse our silence!! So much has happened since our wonderful Mom/Daughter/Sisters/Aunt/Nieces outing in Ohio!! We returned to several full bus visits, two large Downton Abbey Teas and other tea events sprinkled through out the month of May. Whew…on top of all this, we were thrilled to have The Des Moines Register come and do a feature on the tearoom, that was fun! However, we never anticipated the influx of phone calls and reservations from the article!! I told Miss Spenser when I (Donna) was cleaning the other day that I felt like the little old woman in the shoe…she had so many children, she didn’t know what to do?! That’s how it’s been with all the phone calls…we are grateful though…but please be patient with us as we “recalculate” and try our best to accommodate each of you!!

We've had several sweet tea days of late... we've had mom's celebrating end of school, an Ames book club, mother/daughter birthday celebrating their birthday - which happens to be on the same day (isn't that special!)! 

Here's some pictures from a few of our past teas: 

This Mother is treating these girls to tea. They completed a unit study on politeness... and these girls were impressive! "Please and Thank you" flowed from their table. Great job, Mommy! 

Thank you to every one who attended…it was indeed our pleasure to serve…thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special days/celebrations!


  1. Looks like you've had a lot of lovely celebrations there! And congrats on the great publicity -- that is wonderful!

  2. Whew! Catch your breathe and take time for a cup of tea for yourself. Your teas look wonderful and how I wish I could be sitting there chatting over a cup of tea with you.


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