Baby Prince George Down Under

I'm sure you all have seen pictures of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their darling Prince George on their Royal Tour! However, I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorites with you! 

Yes, yes, Prince George we think your mommy's hair is pretty too!

Snuggle time! 

Does he look like a Windsor or a Middleton??

It's not only Kate who charms the world now, but this Little Prince too!  


  1. Such precious photos! Thank you.

    Gentle hugs,
    (Upper NYS in the US)

  2. I think what I like best about these photos is how completely normal and happy he looks! (And his parents too, for that matter.) It could be any set of young parents ... these just happen to be future monarchs, and George looks very happy and loved!

  3. He is a cutie! Oh how I would love holding him and giving him a hug.

  4. I think litle George looks a lot like the Windsors (and Diana) but with a touch of his mum there. These are my favorite pictures also. Such a normal looking family -- not a lot of nannies and being left behind when his mum and dad travel. I'm sure the way they are raising him is going to be good for him in his future years. He is such a cutie.


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