Christmas Crafting!

At this time of year, I find myself getting creative! I love making homemade gifts! How about you? I love to knit, so I'm usually making mittens, hats, and scarves - Norwegian Style are my favorite! Do you have anything special you are making for your family and friends? 

You don't have to know how to knit or sew to make handmade gifts! Some can be as easy as baked good or hot chocolate mixes! 

Here are some ideas to get your brain ticking! 

DIY Personalized Mugs! All you need is Sharpies and a Mug!

From Alice & Lois Blog - Homemade Heater
These heaters are one of our family's personal favorites!  

DROPS Patterns - Norwegian Mittens

I'd love to hear what you are all making this Christmas Season! Please comment below


  1. I used to package sets of handmade cards to give to special friends, but today my homemade gifts tend to be food ... like homemade candy and cookies.

  2. I made a cloth book with pictures and buttons and zippers for my grandson.
    If time permits I will make picture charms with glass and solder for family members
    with new grandchildren. Then small birthday charms for friends. Oh I hope I have
    time. I can imagine your knitting projects are beautiful!

  3. I'm making handmade stationery sets to give away, as well as recipe card books. You need to start early when you make handmade things, or you end up with a lot of UFOs. Believe me, I know! :-)

  4. I will be giving plates/baskets of homemade cookies this Christmas, but I just love that idea of the gift box with ice cream goodies!


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